Opportunity: Cannabis Investing

The Industry

 "The legal cannabis industry and the entrepreneurial companies therein offer the greatest ground floor ownership opportunity since the heady dot-com internet days of the late 1990's."  - Roger Tilton, Founder and CEO, acwg holdings, LLC

Opportunities exist right now, whether you have $3,000 or three-million dollars or more; acwg holdings can introduce you to legal cannabis investing in private, profitable companies through our matchmaking services.

 Forbes magazine reports a record $7.97 billion in legal cannabis sales in the United States in 2017, and predicts a legal cannabis market reaching upwards of $25 billion in the next six years. 

 The legislature and governor in Vermont legalized cannabis in January 2018; voters in 2016 approved adult-use Cannabis laws in four states, Massachusetts, Maine, California and Nevada (Arizona’s ballot measure failed by less than two percentage points). Those five states join Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC—which all legalized Adult Use in 2012 and 2014. Voters in four more states – North Dakota, Arkansas, Florida and Montana – legalized medical cannabis in 2016, bring to 21, the number of other states that have legal medical-cannabis programs (that means residents in 29 states and DC have access to legal cannabis).  

 The Gallup Poll,  which has been tracking public attitudes regarding full legalization for decades, registered 64% support for Adult Use nationwide in its 2017 survey, the highest level in the 50 years of the poll.  

 Due to federal prohibition, state-legal cannabis companies may not engage in interstate commerce; therefore many of the businesses in this field are traditional “small businesses,” many “mom and pop.” This opportunity to co-own some of these fast-growing businesses won’t last long. As soon as the Congress or the Executive Branch (the Drug Enforcement Administration) deschedules cannabis from its current iteration as a Schedule 1 Narcotic (lumped in with heroin), large multi-national companies will enter the space. “Until then, the opportunity is ours,” Mr. Tilton said, “and it should last until at least April 20, 2021 – the first 4-20 after the next presidential election.”