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acwg holdings is the brainchild of founder/CEO Roger Tilton

acwg holdings, llc, began in January 2017 as a follow-up to a boutique, niche venture company formed by Mr. Tilton and a partner on 4-20-2016 to examine investing in the newly-legal, state-by-state cannabis industry, with an eye toward non-cannabis touching (non-CTE) technology companies. 

    After nearly a year of investigation, Mr. Tilton realized the industry needed a middleman to facilitate private ownership in the industry, a way to link “money people” with “canna-preneurs,” cannabis entrepreneurs; a matchmaking service for investors looking to invest in cannabis.

    For nearly 30 years prior to launching acwg holdings, Mr. Tilton had a front-row seat on Wall Street – working for the largest and most reputable investment banking and wealth management institutions.

from poverty to posh

Combining innovation with commercial success, Mr. Tilton is the consummate dealmaker; his list of partners and associates reads like a who’s who list. He likens the venture capitalist to a trail-wise sidekick ready to help the hero, the entrepreneur, through all the tight spots—in exchange, of course, for a piece of the action.

The goal of acwg holdings is to create long-term value through purposeful partnerships with willing people, companies and trusts to participate in this fast-growing new industry, whether cannabis-touching or non-touching. 

Traveling is one of Mr. Tilton’s constants: he’s traveled across the United States many times over, hitting all 50 states at least once (and 48 states now three times)! In just the past two years, he’s flown a quarter-million miles, visiting with more than 90 legal cannabis companies in seven states. He’s spoken with more than 750 such companies in nine states. And each company he has talked to has one thing in common: they are all extremely proud of their cannabis, or cannabis-related product.

And the more we talk to them, the more we learn of the need to connect investors with the leading-edge companies in this growing space.

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acwg holdings, llc


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